Thursday, August 28, 2014

SAP MM Online Training

SAP MM Online Training

KBS Training Institute offers SAP MM Online Training throughout the world such as UK, USA, France, India, Japan, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Newzeland, Singapore, Malaysia and etc. We will provide the best online training for all SAP modules. We have real time professionals they will teach all modules and they will clarify all doubts. After training also we will support the students, working and non working employees like mock interview, resume preparation, live projects, 24/7 access, course material and etc. We will send our students resumes all over the world and they will get compulsory job. Our strength is SAP all new dimensional products  that is WM, MM, SCM, SRM, SEM, CRM, BO, FICO, DS, HR and etc. We offer customized modular programs for corporate and individuals who want to take online training programmes that are the need of the hour today. Each trainer is regularly assessed to applicants given the best quality of training every time.

All our tutors are skilled trainers and has the real time experience with proven track record in online training.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Newbie’s: It assists you know the concepts fast and aid you get a job interview also.
  • Promotion: It is just before your appraisal/ interview and ace the job promotion interview / assessment.
  • Certification: It is helpful as a brush-up yet comprehensive course to revise your concepts for certification.

SAP MM online training content:

  • Introduction to ERP
  • Master data
  • SAP Navigation
  • Invoice verification
  • Inventory management

Highlights in our training:

  • Course material with real time scenarios.
  • We are offering class with highly qualified trainer.
  • We will provide demo and class session at scholar flexible timings.
  • We will give 24*7 technical supports.

SAP MM Online Training Course Content

SAP Material Management (MM) is a functional module that is used for Procurement Handling and Inventory Management. SAP MM is one the biggest functional module in SAP and is incorporated with other modules like PP, SD and QM. The SAP MM module covers all tasks in the supply chain, including planning; consumption based planning, invoice verification and vendor evaluation. The SAP MM module has two important master data like vendor and material. Broadly, the several levels that can be defined for a SAP MM implementation are Company Code, Client, Plant, Storage Location and Purchase Organization. The main features you can find in the MM module are requisitions, goods receipt, purchase orders, inventory management, accounts payable, Bill of Material (BOM) and master raw material, finished goods etc.

SAP MM Online Training Course Content

1. SAP Overview
2. SAP Master Data
Ø  Vendor Master
Ø  Material Master
Ø  Contract
Ø  Scheduling agreement
Ø  Purchasing info record
     3. SAP Business Processes - only included for experts
Ø  Consumable Purchasing
Ø  Quotation for Procurement
Ø  Stock Handling Scrap and Blocked Stock
Ø  Stock Transfer with Delivery
Ø  Stock Transfer without Delivery
Ø  Return to Vendor
Ø  Procurement Contract
Ø  Physical Inventory, Inventory Count & Adjustment
Ø  Subcontracting
Ø  Procurement and Consumption of Consigned Inventory
Ø  Procurement of Third Party Resources
Ø  External Procurement of Services
Ø  Procurement without Quality Management
Ø  Internal Procurement Cross-Company Stock Transfer
    4. Release Procedure

Ø  Without classification
Ø  With classification
 5. Specific procurement process
Ø  Blanket PO’s
Ø  Invoicing plan
Ø  Subcontracting
6. Organizational levels in MM
7. Master data for MM
Ø  Blanket PO’s
Ø  Settings for Material types
Ø  Configuring material master
Ø  Vendor master record
Ø  Field selection control
8. Valuation and Account Assignment
Ø  Split valuation
Ø  Automatic Account Determination

9. Purchasing
Ø  Account assignment categories
Ø  Document types
Ø  Output texts in messages
Ø  Text types
Ø  Message determination and output control
10. Inventory management
Ø  Settings for Goods Movements
Ø  Settings for material and accounting documents
Ø  Output messages in inventory management
11. Materials Requirement Planning
12. Introduction to Inventory management
Ø  Transaction for goods movement
Ø  Inventory management and physical inventory
13. Goods Receipt
Ø  Without reference
Ø  With reference
Ø  Returns
Ø  Return delivery
Ø  Cancellation
14. Stock transfers
Ø  Stock transfer between storage locations
Ø  Transfer postings
Ø  Stock transfer between plants
15. Reservations
Ø  Availability check
Ø  Manual reservations
16. Goods Issue
   Goods issue with reference
Ø  Unplanned goods issues
Ø  Negative stock
Ø  Stock determination
17. Special Stocks
Ø  Vendor consignment
Ø  Subcontracting
18. Material types NLAG, UNBW
19. Procurement of Stock material
Ø  Conditions
Ø  PO creation
Ø  Purchase info record
Ø  Invoice verification and delivery costs
Ø  Quotations

20. Procurement of consumable material
Ø  Purchase order
Ø  Valuated and non-valuated Goods Receipts
Ø  Purchase requisition

21. Procurement of External Services
Ø  Service entry
Ø  Service master record
Ø  Invoice verification

22. Invoice verification
Ø  Document parking
Ø  Invoice entry
Ø  Discounts
Ø  Taxes
23. Variances and Invoice Blocks
Ø  Invoice reduction
Ø  Variances and blocking reasons
Ø  Releasing blocked items
24. Subsequent debit/credit
25. Delivery costs
26. Credit memos and reversals